Magenta Room Presentation

GDSC07583, originally uploaded by Filip_D. On 04.05.2009 & 19.05.2009 the Magenta Room was presented as the first output for the Mediated Environments Research Project. The presentations both took place at Sint-Lukas Brussels during the Artistic Research Days. Pictures online are those of the presentation at the 4th Day of Artistic Research by IVOK/K.U. Leuven Association. […]

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Virtual Study

Here are some images made as a virtual study before we started working on the real room. They gave us a first impression of how the room would look like in the end.


Mediated Environments is a research project of the Transmedia Postgraduate Program in Arts + Media + Design.

Senior Researchers: Frans Evers – Senior researcher ArtScience / Steven Devleminck – Senior researcher Transmedia / Boris Debackere – Senior researcher Transmedia


 Student Researchers Transmedia: Vladislav Curcin / Filip Daniels / Sven Goyvaerts / Natalia Kolesova / Maud Lefever / Gunther Truijen